Aug 09 2017

European Championship UFO 2017 was successful

Last weekend August 6th the EC Discdog UFO
It was an awesome weekend and we saw a lot of quality on the field..
Thanx to the organization Germany, it was as usual very good!
Thanx to all the judges who had a heavy job to judge all these quality
You see here the happy faces from the 1,2,3 Dogs and their handlers Freestyle Combined, Freestyle and Throw and Catch
If you are curious, please check the site for all the results:
Freestyle Combined

Freestyle Combined: Adrian Stoica & Rory: 1st, Melanie Fydrich & Trouble: 2nd, Adrian Stoica & Hurricane: 3rd


Freestyle: Adrian Stoica & Hurricane: 1st, Angela Tederke & Dr. Pepper: 2nd, Adrian Stoica & Rory: 3rd

Throw & Catch

Throw & Catch Adrian Stoica & Rory: 1st Claudia Wagstyl & Rufus: 2nd Evanghelos Christofellis & Nove: 3rd